Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Web 2.0 Training

 Web 2.0 Learning Opportunity – My Personal Experience

It is when you get acquainted with tools like web 2.0 that you realize how much time you’ve been wasted and how far your work can be done faster and in a professional manner. The primary term that highlighted my attention was its definition itself. It was illustrated that it is a second generation tool which compromises of web development and web design, which facilitates communication, information sharing and networking. It can also be used on any website or blogs, and can be read on computers and mobile phones.

 Since three days I have come across terms concerning Web 2.0 tools namely the Google search, Google mail, RSS feeds, Google Docs/ Drive, Google Reader, Wikis, PB works, wikieducator, VoIP, Google chat and blogging. Although I was already acquainted to Google search there are various new things I have learnt. It has made my search easy and straight to my topic while using commands, and it also reduces the number of possible data referring to my search.  While using RSS feed this has facilitate my work in a way because when you are in research you need many updated information, it is not necessary to go to every website or blog of a person or institution, the feeds come automatically to us in an orderly and standardized format.

The use of tool 2.0 for interaction has given me more ideas for my research and work. I can easily get access to information via Skype or Google chat. And if I am not physically present in a meeting or conference, I can virtually communicate with my colleagues and participate in the activities. Also sharing of ideas in particular projects at any time can be possible with just a message, call or video call. Also by creating a blog I can share my work or my research with other people. It is an easy way to update information and be on the same platform in a particular domain. With your updated activities it previews your institution active.

It has been an enriching experience, where I can apply the knowledge acquired about Web 2.0 tools to my daily work and other activities in my field. During these sessions the trainees were very eager to learn more about web 2.0, and the trainers were very supportive. They professionally deliver this training, and make our tasks and learning process as easy as possible.